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With the globalisation of the world economy, Mauritius needs high calibre manpower to succeed.

In order to meet this objective, an adequate supply of qualified technicians and associate professionals will be required to service different sectors of the economy.

In this context, the Université des Mascareignes (UdM) was set up in 2012 with the primary objective of providing an education of international standard for students to operate at middle and higher levels in the services and industrial sectors of the Mauritian economy.

Savoir, C'est Pouvoir

Message of the Director-General
This new university in Mauritius is a large multicultural community and it is located in two campuses one at Rose Hill and the other at Pamplemousses.

Higher education has become a priority for innovation to increase prosperity and quality of life. UdM offers a broad variety of degree courses such as the European and International LMD (Licence, Maitrise, Doctorat) programmes across many disciplines to promote the graduates to deliver their best in their jobs.

The primary goal of the UdM is to become one of the best Indian Ocean Research University grounded in interdisciplinarity, learning and teaching and fully integrated with the economic environment of the region. I invite you to visit our site and I hope you benefit from your visit to UdM.

Professor Pierre Guillon

UdM : A Unique Institution
The UdM provides broad-based and training to students to fit perfectly into the service sector of the Mauritian economy in business related activities such as International Business Transactions, Distributive and Retail Operations, Financial services, Shipping, Company Operations, Managing Information Systems and ICT operations.

Why Study at the UdM ?
  • Advisory committees consisting of professionals from the public and private sectors assist in the design of our curriculum to reflect the needs and trends of the Mauritian labour market.
  • Courses consist of an optimum blend of theory and practical skills to make our graduates immediately employable and operational.
  • This new university is a merger of two former institutions namely “Institut Supérieur de Technologie” (IST) and “Swami Dayanand Institute of Management” (SDIM) which have a proven record of successfully preparing graduates for more than 17 years.
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