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International projects

The UdM is involved in a large number of international projects, most often selected following calls for proposal, which allow an external financial contribution complementary to the funds paid by the State. This project ‘culture’ has recently taken substantial momentum within the UdM and concerns training, research and governance.

International trainings

Under the partnership agreement, both the Université de Limoges certificates and the Université des Mascareignes certificates are delivered to students for those programmes that are jointly delivered. The 27 double bachelor degrees and the 4 Joint-Master degrees proposed at UdM are internationally recognized.

The FESTII program

The UdM is a partner of a major European program (2019-2022) which brings together several partners from the Indian Ocean (Mauritius, Madagascar, Comoros ) and from Europe (Spain, Portugal, France/Reunion) . This program should allow higher education institutions to contribute to the energy transition and autonomy of their island territories by strengthening the skills of human resources in the field of Renewable Energies (RE) and Energy Efficiency (EE).

International Research

The research projects developed at UdM Lab focus on issues related to the Mauritian territory and more broadly, to the Indian Ocean region. The projects bring together Mauritian international researchers who collaborate within the framework of bilateral or multilateral partnerships.

Research Lab

International Governance

An enormous effort has been made in recent years to collect European funds (Erasmus +) to support the process of strengthening governance capacities at UdM.
4 Erasmus + programs of International Credit Mobility have been awarded to the UdM in recent years.
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