Networks and partnerships - Universite des Mascareignes


International Partners

The strong international dimension is part of the DNA of the Université des Mascareignes and is reflected in the close links established with foreign partners in the fields of training and research. The objective of UdM is not to collect partnerships, but to build a focused and coherent partnership strategy, oriented towards Europe and deeply rooted in the Indian Ocean region. So far, a number of international agreements have been signed with :

An agreement has been signed in November 2019 between UdM and University of Caen (France) to develop e-learning and other activities implemented by INCRE Institute. This agreement has been initiated by Dr Krishnah Moortee SAURTY (Université des Mascareignes) and Professor Jacques Beziat (University of Caen).

International Network

UdM is also involved in a large number of international academic networks, mainly focused on the Indian Ocean area.