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Our Partnership with University of Limoges


Université des Mascareignes has an innovative and long-standing partnership with the Université de Limoges, in France (rajouter le lien vers le website Unilim). Université des Mascareignes marked the Mauritian Higher Education landscape by being one of the pioneers in offering double degrees to both local and international students, predominantly from neighbouring countries and mainland Africa.
  • Its bilingual proposition - UdM is the first public Higher Education Institution in Mauritius that offers French diplomas/degrees with programmes delivered both in French and English.
  • Its dual degree offer – The bulk of the degrees at UdM are dual degrees- with a certificate from Université des Mascareignes and another from Université de Limoges, thus offering a competitive edge to students.
  • Its international scholarships - Through a tri-lateral agreement between UdM, the French Embassy in Mauritius and the Engineering school of the Université de Limoges, scholarships are offered to the best five Mauritian students (three third-year students in GEII department and two third-year students in GEMA department) that enable them to pursue their studies at the Engineering School ENSIL-ENSCI of the Université de Limoges.
  • Its international internships - UdM in partnership with the Université de Limoges, has successfully obtained two mobility programmes in a highly competitive Erasmus+ call for proposals. Each year, UdM students, Mauritian or international, can benefit from an internship scholarship which offers a unique possibility to benefit from a first-hand professional experience in France.
  • Its anchoring in the economic sector - The programmes of UdM are tailor made and developed in conjunction with multiple stakeholders, thus contributing to the setting up of programmes which are specially adapted to the specific needs of the territory, thus contributing to their attractiveness especially to potential employers.


The Université de Limoges is an active contributor in different spheres of operation of the Université des Mascareignes, ranging from governance issues, to training offers and academic research. One of the partnership’s main objectives is creating an enabling environment for the internationalisation of UdM through international partnerships and pedagogical projects.

The two universities are dedicated to the development of their scientific, technical and pedagogical cooperation by enriching UdM’s courses offer and pedagogical programme; building the capacities of lecturers, academic and non-academic staff and its research capacities and offer.

The President of the Board of Governors is a member of the Université de Limoges staff, in the person of Prof. Nathalie Bernardie-Tahir, Professor of Geography and ex Vice-President of international affairs at the Université de Limoges.

The Université de Limoges is also actively engaged in the regular running of exam boards (Jury) through a team of Pedagogical Advisers. Regular exchanges take place between the experts of UL and the teaching teams of the UdM.

The cooperation of Université des Mascareignes and the University of Limoges is also hinged on the premise of fostering a strengthening ‘research culture’ within UdM, geared towards the socio-economic development of Mauritius.


For the Université de Limoges the partnership with Université des Mascareignes is a vivid example of the concept of an “international University”. This partnership contributes to Université de Limoges’s objective to educate and professionalise more students and develop their sense of citizenship. It also contributes in the advancement of Université de Limoges’s curricula, more specifically in the fields of digitalisation and pedagogical innovation. Finally this is an exceptional opportunity for both Universities to play a pivotal role in the development of French-speaking in tertiary education, whilst ensuring mutual continual development of their staff.


In 2013 a Framework Agreement was signed and renewed in 2018 between Université des Mascareignes and Université de Limoges.
The framework agreement is based on 4 fundamental axes: Implementation of proposed Courses and Degrees; Implementation of research and innovation; international mobility and support in good governance.
Since then:
27 double bachelor degrees between the two Universities have been put in place
2 Joint-Master degrees
Numerous Bilateral Research Projects
2 International Credit Mobility Erasmus projects 2018-2022
which led so far to international mobility of:
lecturers >12
non-academic staff >12
students >10

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