Vision, Mission & Values - Universite des Mascareignes

About us

Vision, Mission & Values


  • Promote innovation, excellence and transformative education through high quality teaching and internationally recognised research, in order to enable students to fulfil their educational and professional aspirations.
  • Create a conducive and enabling environment for staff to actualize their potential.
  • Respond to the great challenges of our local and international societies, by transforming students into responsible citizens of tomorrow, whilst advancing knowledge on the major current issues, and proposing innovative solutions to the major challenges of the contemporary world.


In order to uphold its core values, the Université des Mascareignes has set up Policies in different areas, of which the Quality Policy, the Occupational Safety and Health Policy, the Equal Opportunity Policy, the Anti-corruption policy and the Student Charter.

The core values of the Université des Mascareignes are geared towards:

  • Ethics at all levels
  • Service Ethos in the different areas of service provision
  • Reliability in its services
  • Responsiveness to stakeholder needs and expectations
  • Inclusiveness in its approach
  • Sustainability initiatives- with concern for the environment and the community
  • Innovation in its approach
  • Learning organisation with emphasis on continual improvement.


To become a distinct model of excellence in higher education, with a singularity based on the fulfilment of its responsibility to its territorial environment and in its maintenance of a broad international outlook.