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Cybersecurity and cryptography
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RESEARCH FIELD: Cybersecurity and cryptography

UdM Researchers working on this field:

Funded projects

Project 1


Cybersecurity - Cryptanalysis using Heuristic Search Procedures

Duration (start/end):

Jan 2014 – Dec 2020

Principal Investigator:

Mr Seeven Amic

Collaborating partner:

Dr Karim Tamine (University of Limoges/France)

Awarding body or sponsor:

Description of projects:

Cybersecurity plays a crucial role in modern information systems services amidst the explosion of sophisticated hyper-speed communication networks, social media and online transactions. The security of Internet of Things, smart environments, credit cards, autonomous devices and robots have become an absolute urgency. Research priorities in the field of cybersecurity at UdM include cryptography, cryptanalysis, ethical hacking, intrusion detection and cyberattack prediction, in conjunction with modern technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence.

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